Revelation, Science, and Dreams

Given the extraordinary way in which the story of Losing Addison came to me, it was only natural that I should ponder whether some greater force unfamiliar to me was at work. Not only was the story crystal clear in my mind--requiring only a single draft before publishing--but even the names of the characters and the title were on my lips as soon as I was fully conscious in the waking world.

That doesn't happen. It doesn't. Or, it didn't, until that day, and never again since.

Having had a Christian upbringing, and having spent two years as a proselytizing missionary, my mind immediately recalled the visions spoken of in Scripture. I wouldn't dare to suppose that God was speaking to me, let alone dramatizing an entertaining—and somewhat spooky—story relating to my past. Yet I would almost swear that somebody had done the work of composing it before it landed in my brain.

Science tells us that dreams are our brains' way of processing the excess information that they gather round the clock throughout our existence. Even when we're sleeping, our brains are hearing (how else would you respond to an alarm?) and feeling (a touch or a jostle also wakes most of us) and monitoring our condition (why most of us don't wet the bed!). During our waking hours we only need a fraction of the information our brains collect to allow us to function as reasonable normal, stable human beings.

What happens to all the excess information? It turns up in our dreams—our brains' way of ordering it and making sense of it. So what of Losing Addison? Is it "sense"? It's certainly coherent, and explicit in its amount of detail. And who are Les and Addison? Is it me? And my disappearing twin from my formative days in my mother's womb? And if God did plant this thing in my head with a purpose, what might that be? A message? A warning? A gift?

I don't know these answers. But I'm treating Losing Addison as a gift. Adam and I have certainly been blessed in our pursuit of excellence in bringing this story to you. And I'm not talking only about divine blessings; I mean all of you who are loving and supporting us and this film project, which means the world to us. Thank you to all who've contributed to the Kickstarter campaign, and to those who've liked our Facebook page, and who've shared both with friends and family.

We're on a fantastic adventure here. It's a pleasure to have you along for the ride!

Marty Beaudet