New Website, the Kickstarter, the complications... It's all up!

In an effort to create a brand and product that is appealing to not only our investors, but to the general public as well, we have finally launched our revitalized and modernized website-! Featuring cutting-edge web technology, user-friendly and intuitive mobile and desktop navigation, and a glimpse into our creative edge, this new look is designed to provide everyone the best possible experience, whether audience, patron, or Mom. We hope you enjoy the new web experience, and look forward to hearing from you! Please like and share us with your friends on social media, and please join our mailing list below!

Good web design is such an integral part of business now, that I simply couldn't excuse the old Yugo we had for a website until today. With the advances in technology that enable literally anyone to create a top-notch website with little to no experience, there is simply no excuse!

It's been a challenge getting everything going! I'm an artist, dammit! I suppose there's plenty of artistry that lies in web design and the like, but that may or may not be where my strengths are. So, finally, today, I bit the bullet, and decided to make a brand new website to better reflect our capabilities as creative people- including our eye for style. Hours and headaches later, here it is! I learned a lot (like how much I like the idea of hiring people to do this), I'm happy with the outcome, and ready to show it to the world!

If you're interested in equity investment, or donating for great perks via Kickstarter, please navigate to their respective links at the top of the page.



Adam Elliott Davis

Producer- Losing Addison