One finish line is simply the beginning of the next race


You've seen only a small sample of what we can do. There is so much more to the story. And it's almost time for the next race to begin—production! But before we can start filming, we have to get to the finish line of the race we're on. That's preproduction.

This link allows you to help us to our goal. Just 5 days remain! Please consider joining us!

Preproduction is the part where we get all our ducks in a row—casting, crew, locations, equipment, permits, and—most importantly—funding. Nobody like to talk about money, let alone ask for it. But with a project of the size and scope of this film—and the opportunity to tell it in the most compelling way possible—we need to seek the cooperation and support of the entire community. Not just the film community, but the audience, the people we make these films for!

One of the means we use to involve the audience community is crowdfunding. When somebody invests even a small amount of their own hard-earned money in a project, they are vested in far more than simply monetarily. They care about the project, the people, and the story in a very personal way. We want to involve you in this way. If you're reading this, then you're someone who cares.

WE HAVE ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT to reach our Kickstarter goal and claim the funds that have already been pledged by generous donors like you. But rules are rules: if we don't reach our $25,000 goal by next Sunday at 9PM, we don't get to collect any of the pledged funds. And you don't get to be a part of this incredible film.

Make no mistake: we will make this film. But with your help we can take it to the next level and make it a contender in the competitive world of independent filmmaking! Don't you want to be a part of that? Any amount will help. Please help us reach our goal. Just click this link to become part of our incredible project! Thank you!

Marty Beaudet