"Maria Sanchez" to be portrayed by Jacquelynne Faith

FauxMeme Productions is pleased to announce the casting of Portland talent Jacquelynne Faith in the role of EMT "Maria Sanchez."


Jacquelynne Faith found herself in the Portland acting world after 8 years in Orlando, FL, where she studied Health Sciences and Communication at University of Central Florida by day and the art of film acting by night. Bringing her Art’s Sake Studio training with her, she’s done more on-camera work in one year in Oregon than during her entire Florida career.

Jacquelynne is known for her work in films such as One More Time (2016), The Art of Acceptance (2014) and Zelda's Pepperonis (2018).

Outside of acting, she’s a writer of articles, blogs, scripts, poems, and more, usually written from her bed beneath her sleeping cats. Jacquelynne is also a professional mermaid (which we don’t have room to explain), model, dancer, and aspiring healer.

Being formerly pre-med with a deep interest in medicine, her dream is to play a doctor. Her role as an EMT in Losing Addison is one big step closer.

Marty Beaudet