"NOREEN" to be portrayed by Sydney Winbush

FauxMeme Productions is pleased to announce the casting of Sydney Winbush in the role of "Noreen" in the upcoming psychological thriller "Losing Addison," set to film this month in Portland, Oregon.


Sydney Winbush

Born in Heidelberg, Germany, Sydney Winbush began her acting career nearly 2 years ago. With a theatrical background, she first took to the camera as Neema, in Father Africa (2016). Since then she has worked on numerous commercials, films and theatrical productions.

In addition to her acting opportunities, Sydney continues to pursue a Bachelors degree in Business with a focus on advertising and marketing. She hopes to have a hand in creating more diversity in advertising, and giving a face to those most forgotten.

Sydney is also known for her roles in Undeserved (2016), and Unwritten (2016).







Sydney's other passions include traveling, drawing, writing, and modeling. She hopes you all enjoy the magic of the journey and not just the destination.

Marty Beaudet